Democratic Precinct Delegates of Oakland County

The Precinct Delegate

Why Are Precinct Delegates Important?

A lack of Precinct Delegates leads to lower voter turnout in under-served neighborhoods, especially in midterm and local elections. Without active precinct delegates, voters can feel disconnected from the Party. Over time, this leads to fewer viable candidates running for local office, and eventually impacts Party candidates for statewide office. Fewer precinct delegates can also reinforce the perception of a "top down" Party structure and lack of grassroots community-level participation.

Precinct delegates are elected directly by the voters of each local voting precinct to serve as a bridge between voters and the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP).  As a precinct delegate, you represent the Michigan Democratic Party in your neighborhood, and you represent your neighborhood at the Michigan Democratic Party meetings.


Precinct delegates are Democratic elected officials representing the neighborhoods where they live. Precinct delegates are the most localized representatives of the MDP. They regularly attend Democratic meetings and conventions to represent their community.


Precinct delegates also play an important role in the MDP's functioning, voting to nominate candidates, electing MDP leadership, and adopting the MDP platform.


The role of a precinct delegate is one of the most important - yet, least understood - of any elected office. It is the active precinct delegate who wins elections for the Democratic Party.